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Problem with focus when 2 or more PuTTY sessions opened

mRemoteNG 1.7 Beta 1 improved common problem with focus when PuTTY sessions are used. Unfortunately some issues still exist. When 2 or more PuTTY sessions are opened and user switches to mRemoteNG by Alt-Tab, clicking on tabs makes no effect. Steps to reproduce:
1) Start nRemoteNG 1.7 Beta 1
2) Open 2 connections using PuTTY
3) Switch to another application
4) Switch back to nRemoteNG window (using alt-tab or by clicking on PuTTY's area of window)
5) Click on tab with inactive session - it does not make it active.

The workaraund is to click on Connections pane and then clicking on tabs starts working again.



Riley McArdle


Gregory Kryltsov


Fix versions

Affects versions

1.70 Beta 1