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Connection group collapses with just one click


Another weird thing with clicks not doing what is expected:

It seems there are several ways in which an expanded connection group can be collapsed when you only click on it's header once.

Below are some ways I've found so far – hopefully you can reproduce this too since these things are quite finicky:

Method 1:
1. Start mRemoteNG
2. With the top-level connection group header 'Connections' expanded in the Connections pane, double-click an SSH session with stored credentials to initiate that connection.
3. Immediately after the connection is established, before clicking on anything else, click just once on the top-level 'Connections' header.
4. Notice that the entire group collapses, as if you'd double-clicked on it.

Method 2:
1. Make sure that the top-level 'Connections' group is expanded and that you are currently active in an SSH connection.
2. Click on some other application to move the focus away from mRemoteNG.
3. Click once on the top-level 'Connections' header to bring the focus back.
4. Notice that the entire group collapses, as if you'd double-clicked on it.

I suspect this may be something to do with the way mRemoteNG now tries hard to ensure that PuTTY connections get focus when focus comes back to the main application, and I wouldn't want to see that get broken. But ideally it would be good if the connections pane behaved predictably to clicks too.


Windows 7 x64



Riley McArdle





Fix versions

Affects versions

1.70 RC 2
1.70 RC 1