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Re-ordering tabs doesn't give good, reliable visual feedback

When dragging connection tabs to reorder them, I find that there's some inconsistency as to whether/how I get visual feedback on what's happening.

Most times, I see nothing until I release the mouse button and then the tab appears in its new place. Other times, I see some "flickering" as new tab is dragged past other tabs, like they're battling back-and-forth for position on the tab bar. And sometimes I see the movement happen more smoothly, with the new position of the dragged tab updated as I move it along the tab bar, before releasing the mouse button.

Could this be improved to be more consistent and more reliable? Perhaps even with the kind of visual feedback that modern web browsers provide when rearranging tabs. Or at least like what older versions of Firefox did, where you'd see a little arrow showing where the tab would end up.



Riley McArdle



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