Credential Manager


At the moment, each connection stores individually the credential informations (Username, Password, Domain).
People may use the same credentials to access many different servers which means that if a user changes his/her password (or if the password expires), the user currently has to update his/her password as many time as there are connections using it !

It would be great to create a credential manager in which you can create accounts and link the connections to the accounts. So if the password of account X expires for example, the user only has to change the password in account X and it will be updated in all the connections linked to account X.

Another advantage would be to allow many users working on a same project (and therefore connection to the same machines) to easily share the connections (confCons.xml) : if the connections reffers for example to 3 accounts (let's say account01, account02 and account03), each user only has to go in the credential manager, create account01, account02 and account03 with their own users & password and that's it.




Riley McArdle



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