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Notifications panel - whitespace context menu allows Copy and Delete on nothing

In the Notifications pane, right-clicking in whitespace gives the options 'Copy' and 'Delete...' which can be selected, however they do nothing.

I suggest:

a) if there are no notification entries at all, and the user right-clicks in the Notification pane, these two options should be greyed out.

b) if there are some notifications, and none are selected, and the user right-clicks in whitespace, give the options 'Copy All' and 'Delete All'

c) if there are some notifications, allow the user to multi-select with Ctrl and Shift as appropriate, and then give the options 'Copy Selected' and 'Delete Selected' on the context menu.

Also, the ellipsis should be removed from the Delete option, because there is no further prompt asking for confirmation.



Riley McArdle



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