Can see login creds via "process explorer"' basic "Command Line" viewer... shows my SSH password passed to putty.. IN PLAIN TEXT! Any way to hide that? Oh noes!


Can see login creds via "process explorer"' basic "Command Line" viewer... shows my password used in putty.. any way to hide that? Probaly my fault for assuming the little dots where you enter in the password in the connection setting meant it was encrypted somewhat!
Probaly a Putty issue havent tested to confirm with standalone putty yet... but yikes considering you can encrypt the connections file... but for what reason since its just plaintext in a decent "ps" util for windows?Ok I'll stop being a bozo now haha

Very not "educated or informed" idea:
If you have source for putty then maybe a special encrypted transport between mremote and putty should be made to pass these params... um socket? uh, conduit? thread? whats the dev word Im trying to think of for my overgeneralized imaginary solution? Oh well.

Good night!


Win7x64 ULT SP1 (Windows Loader Activation) up to date, with a LOT of dev tools (android sdk, ruby,python,VB and .NET, and MS libs installed.

One existing bug I havent fixed with office2007+XML file extension and .txt "open file" handler BROKEN by notepad++ bug.(when using .txt or .xml notepad++ &&$(&*&)^&*s up stupid multifaceted layered XML openerapp, the other .txt issue is unresolved but breaks a few things.
I hope this isnt the cause but I figured being verbose about the bugs I have,,, may hopefully not, but if needed helps.








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