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Maximized -> Minimized -> Restored results in mangled active display


If mRemoteNG is maximized with an active remote desktop connection, if mRemoteNG is then minimized then restored to it's maximized state, the active connection is as attached screenshot. An F5 will refresh the desktop but the status bar / system tray remains mangled until I switch to another connection and switch back, or do a full reconnect. This seems to only affect my laptops with 1680x900 screen resolution.

Oddly, if mRemoteNG is a normal window resized to 'smaller than maximized' this does not occur. This is my current workaround.

Affecting both my 1680x900 and 1280x800 laptops, again if maximized, and mouse focus is in a PuTTY session, if you slide the cursor to the right, the PuTTY session follows and falls off the screen (see attachment). If I un-maximize, the screen comes back. Again, if mRemoteNG is not maximized, this does not occur at all. My mRemoteNG does not like being maximized.



Windows 7 Ultimate x64, multiple computers.



Riley McArdle



Fix versions

Affects versions

1.71 Beta 1
1.71 Beta 3