Quick Connect to Linux server uses invalid credentials


Using an instance of the portable version of v1.71 Beta 3, I tried using the Quick Connect toolbar to establish an SSH2 connection to a Linux server (running CentOS 6.3).

After entering my username, there's a pause for a couple of seconds, and then I'm told "Access Denied", and prompted to re-enter my password, even though I'd never been prompted to enter my password in the first place.

So it seems mRemoteNG must be automatically trying to provide a password, or be trying to log on using a key.

With PuTTYNG, I have just two sessions saved. One is 'Default Settings' which doesn't have anything customized. And the other is a session I saved that modifies the text rendering and authenticates using my private key.

So my suspicion is that the Quick Connect toolbar was trying to authenticate using my private key. But the thing is, after I did log in at the password re-attempt prompt, the text rendering was non-customized. Indicating that the Default Settings session was used. So, what is going on?


Windows 7 x64



Riley McArdle





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1.71 Beta 3