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RDP loses connection when hiding config or connections pane


Firstly I need to say that I can't select the right component to assign this bug report, as it is not listed. The component affected is RDP, hence I used Localization

When connected to a RDP session, closing, minimizing or extending the Connections and / or Config panes on the left, the RDP session disconnects shortly and then reconnects (usually on the 2nd attempt) this is quite annoying when you have muptiple RDP sessions open as they all disconnect and reconnect.

When this is done during the connection phase, the connection attempt is terminated completed.

I don't think changing a visual effect should have an effect on existing connections.


Attached screenshot shows mRemote just after minimising the Connections tab


Windows 7 - 32 bit - 4GB internal memory, Intel Core i7-3250M CPU @ 2.90 Ghz Lenovo T430, 465.7 GB disk with C and D partition



Riley McArdle


Rudy Christoph


Fix versions

Affects versions

1.71 Beta 4