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Connections file is reset

My MRG is set to NOT automatically save the connections file. I open a connections file on a network mapped drive (Z:\ -> \\server\share). If I make additions to the connections I save the file. When I exit and reopen MRG, if I saved the file manually everything seems okay. If I use MRG for a time (>1 minute) making and disconnecting RDP sessions, maybe expanding or collapsing the connection tree, and then do NOT save before exiting... the connections file appears okay after exiting. HOWEVER, the next time I open MRG I get an error that the connection file cannot be opened and MRG is creating a new one. The connection file on the share is truncated to 0 bytes and MRG says it's using a new connection file in my local AppData.

1) I don't know what corruption, network delay, or other issue makes MRG think the network shared connection file cannot be opened.

2) I think there is a bug in the auto-create new file that accidentally truncates the last used file location instead of the new file location (local appdata).



Riley McArdle


Stephen Anderson

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Affects versions

1.71 RC 2