Complex Nested Connections and Folders are Improperly Inherited


I have a lot of nested folders, and for connections I like to inherit them from the folder they belong to. Sometimes, I have a folder within a group of connections. It looks like based on how these connections are sorted, the inheritance gets messed up. A connection will inherit from a folder it is BELOW even if it is not in that folder, and it should inherit from the top level folder.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a Folder named "My Domain" (No Quotes)
2) Set username, password and domain for that folder (so connections in that folder can be inherited)
3) Create a connection named "_A" and place it under that folder. Inherit the username, password and domain
4) Create a nested folder under "My Domain" folder named "_B"
5) Create a different set of login credentials for the "_B" Folder
6) Create a connection, nested under the "_B" folder that inherits credentials from the "_B" Folder (This works fine)
7) Create a connection named "_C", nested under the "_A" folder that inherits credentials from the "_A" Folder
8) Use the ABC alphabetic sort

Structure should look like this (folders in square brackets, connections in parentheses):
-->[My Domain]
-->-->-->(Connection w/ inherited creds from _B)

Expected: Connection _C is not nested under the _B folder, so it should inherit credentials from the [My Domain] Folder

Actual: Connection _C, and any connections created below this, inherits credentials from the _B folder, even though it is not nested under there.

The attached screenshot is should clarify (and is not the exact example above, but is how I'm using it). Anything above that folder would inherit properly (for example, if there was a connection nested under dev.local named _AA above the _DC folder, it would properly inherit the credentials from dev.local. However, everything below the _DC folder gets inherited from there, even though it is not nested in that folder)

Apologies if this was already reported. Let me know if you need clarification.


Windows 8.1


David Sparer


Joe C.




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