mRemoteNG goes 'on top' unpredictably


[This is not really "major" but it is not minor either!?]
I have two PC screens. The way I tend to work is this:
On the left is the normal Win 7 desktop.
On the right I have either the mRemoteNG window (maximised but not 'full screen') or a separate Windows RDP session (not using mRemoteNG). I use mRemoteNG to keep an eye on about four servers (all RDP), and the Win RDP session to do s/w development work.
What I find is that, now and then, the mRemoteNG screen will just take over the screen as if I had switched to it. This does not seem to be due to some key combination, and when it shows, I can see no notification or any unusual message that would cause mRemoteNG to surface in this way. This did not used to happen. I did change a number of settings in order to minimise the space taken up by mRemoteNG (I did not note exactly which options I changed!) but that is the only significant change in recent times. Other than that, it has been very solid and really appreciated. This 'in your face' action, though, is obviously annoying and I can see no clear cause. What should I check for? I think it does NOT happen when I minimise the window, but does happen when the window has been restored. Thank you.


WIndows 7 x64




James Stewart



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