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Problem Duplicating Folder w/ Sub-Folders


From: bratwiz


I'm using mRemoteNG-1.62.4205.27581

I have a common folder structure that I use. Let's say for sake of example it's:

-[Top-Level of mRemoteNG]
– MyFolder

When I highlight "MyFolder" and press "Duplicate" (CTRL-D) what I expect to happen is something like this:

-[Top-Level of mRemoteNG]
– MyFolder
– Copy of MyFolder

But instead what happens is this:

-[Top-Level of mRemoteNG]
– MyFolder
---MySubFolder1 <-- copied subfolder attached to copy source folder
---MySubFolder2 <-- copied subfolder attached to copy source folder
– MyFolder <-- Has the same name

To state it in english:

When I duplicate the folder, I expect a copy of the folder and its subordinate elements will be made and placed in the tree at the same level as the original copy-source folder. And preferably with a new, unique name such as perhaps "copy of foldername" or "copy of foldername 2", or something like that.

Instead what is happening is that a copy of the source-folder is made and is correctly installed at the same level in the tree, but it has the same name as the source-folder. The subordinate elements are copied, but end up appended to the source-folder rather than in the destination-folder (copied folder).

I suspect the reason why is that because the duplicate has the same name as the original, each subordinate item gets placed into the first folder having that name it comes to in the list. Since the copied folder shows up AFTER the source folder, the first folder is the source folder and the item gets added there.

If that is the case, then the fix should be simple enough-- create a new, unique name for the copied source-folder right away, create the folder, and then create (duplicate, or whatever it is you do) the subordinate items using the new name of the destination folder.


John Whitten

P.S. mRemote (and mRemoteNG) is a fabulous program! Thanks for taking the time to pull it out of the mothballs and give it some new life!





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