When Putty session is started on second monitor additional icon appear in taskbar


using mRemoteNG 1.7.4-RC3 portable on Windows 7 SP1.

1. When starting mRemoteNG putty SSH-2 session on my primary monitor everything is fine. One single program icon appears in taskbar.
2. When I start putty SSH-2 session on my secondary monitor then two icons appear in taskbar first "mRemoteNG" and second "putty" session.
This is a problem. Maybe this problem is related to "Dual Monitor Taskbar" utility program downloaded from: https://sourceforge.net/projects/dualmonitortb/

By default Windows 7 does not display taskbar on secondary monitor. I like to have all of the programs that are displayed on primary monitor to be displayed on primary monitor as taskbar icons. All of the programs displaying on secondary monitor I like to have taskbar on secondary monitor only with programs displayed on secondary monitor. Excellent program to do this is "Dual Monitor Taskar".

But mRemoteNG using putty is the only program not working correctly and displaying two taskbar icons (I expect only to see mRemoteNG icon, not putty icon). It is interesting that mRemote when using RDP connections does not display double icon in taskbar nor on primary nor on secondary taskbar. So the only problem is putty session.

The annoyance is that when using multiple putty sessions on secondary monitor for each of putty session there is one icon in taskbar.

It would be nice if this icons on taskbar could be hidden.

It is not a huge problem, but pretty much very annoying when having multiple programs running on secondary monitor.

I marked bug as Minor, but for me it is pretty much very important one.



Windows 7 SP1 with all updates.
Using mRemoteNG portable.








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